Hidden Roman Catholic Gems In the COE

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A CoE Roman Catholic Lady Chapel!

The photo above shows the little 14th Century  side chapel at St Andrews CoE Church Chippenham. They have kindly created some history boards revealing some of the church’s pre-reformation history. The chapel was built for Marian devotion it is well preserved and still in use by faithful members and visitors at this High Anglican Church.

A Quick Note About Old Church Of England Buildings

In the UK the state religion today is the Church of England (Anglican) and the COE  owns almost all of the beautiful ancient Church buildings. Any church building older than the 16th century though were built for and used by Catholics, notably there are a huge number of Norman period churches and quite a few that go back to the Saxon period. (The Catholic properties were seized by the Crown during the UK Protestant Reformation, however following the 19th century catholic emancipation bill Catholics were once again allowed to practice in the UK). The Catholics after the emancipation bill was passed were free again to worship in the UK, but had to build their new churches often from scratch, therefore in most UK villages towns and cities you will usually find lovely old preformation churches that is now owned by the COE such as this one and a relatively modern Catholic Church within walking distance.

Also in St Andrew’s church is this Catholic archway and stained glass window of St Andrew. (Ref photo below).

Catholic stained glass window and arch in church if England church
Photo depicts some typical Catholic structures within an old COE parish church